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The Community Relations Office designs and publishes several external and internal documents each year. Listed below are each of the publications, with details on their purpose, audience, and dates of publication. Please note that all publications are available only in an electronic format, unless otherwise requested. If you have a question about any of these publications, please contact Dave DiLorenzo in the Community Relations Office at 467-2140, ext. 5034 or 815-521-4112.

Curriculum Guide

The Curriculum Guide outlines the overall academic program at MCHS, from course offereings to graduation requirements.

Distribution: The Curriculum Guide is made available as a download at
Publication Date: January of each school year
Download: Click on the appropriate year to download the Curriculum Guide: 2016-2017

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Fast Facts

Fast Facts is an informational flyer about Minooka Community High School District #111.  It provides useful information from several sources, such as the MCHS District #111 Annual Report, the Illinois State Report Card, and the MCHS Student Services Office, and condenses them into a one-page flyer.
Publication Date: Each January
Distribution: Fast Facts is made available on the school district's web site, and is also available in print form in the main office at both MCHS campuses.
Download: Click here to download Fast Facts.

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School Calendar

The School Calendar contains scheduled events (academic, athletic, extra-curricular, etc.) for the entire school year. Because this publication is created over the summer, when not all event dates for the school year are completely set, we ask that families use the calendar simply as a guide for upcoming events. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please visit

Distribution: The School Calendar is made available as a full 12-month download at
Publication Date: August of each school year
Download: Click here to download the current MCHS District #111 School Calendar.

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State Report Card

Each year, Illinois publishes a report card for each public school in the state. The report card contains a variety of statistical and demographic information, broken down according to local and state comparisons.

Distribution: The State Report Card is published exclusively online by the Illinois State Board of Education.
Publication Date: Late fall

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Student Handbook

The Student Handbook provides students with the rules and regulations of MCHS. It also includes a planner and hallway pass log for students to utilize.

Distribution: Students are provided with a printed copy of the Student Handbook at the beginning of each school year. If students lose their copy of the handbook, they can purchase another copy in the Deans' Office for $10.
Publication Date: August of each year
Download: Click here to download the current Student Handbook.

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