Meningitis Vaccination Reminder for Juniors

Published: Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Posted on January 25, 2017 - This is a reminder to all junior families that all students entering 12th grade must show proof of having the meningitis (MCV4) vaccine in order to attend school.  All 12th graders must have received 2 doses of the meningitis vaccine, OR if the first dose was given on or after the 16th birthday, then only 1 dose is required.  Proof of the vaccine must be turned in before the first day of school in August, or your student will be excluded from school until such time that it is received.  Additionally, if your student would like to receive his or her schedule early at the registration day in July, then proof of the vaccine must be received on or before registration day.

You are receiving this notice because, according to our records, your student is not in compliance with this vaccine requirement.  If you feel you have received this in error, please verify the vaccine status for your student with your healthcare provider.  If your student has, in fact, received the required dose(s) already, please submit proof of the vaccine(s) to the nurse at Central Campus.  You can either have your student drop off a copy to the nurse's office or have your healthcare provider fax proof of the vaccine(s) to 815-467-2431.  Any questions regarding your student's vaccine status should be sent via email only to Peggy Babic, RN at  If you are unable to email, please have your student stop in to talk to Mrs. Babic during school hours.

If your student has not yet received the required dose(s) of this vaccine, please make arrangements to have it done in a timely manner.  You can get the vaccine from your healthcare provider, or any local pharmacy or healthcare clinic, depending on your insurance coverage.  

As a courtesy to those who have not yet received the required dose(s) of this vaccine, we will be partnering with our local Walgreens Pharmacy in Channahon to offer a vaccine clinic, where your student can receive the vaccine at Central Campus during the school day. The vaccine clinic will be held on Thursday, February 23rd during all lunch hours.  The vaccine clinic is strictly voluntary and offered only as a courtesy to current MCHS junior students. You, the parent, would not need to be present for the vaccine to be given to your student, but you would have to sign a consent form and provide insurance information prior to the vaccine clinic day.  Your insurance will be billed for the vaccine, and any co-pay that you are responsible for will be billed to you later from Walgreens.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR VERIFYING YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE PRIOR TO CLINIC DAY TO ENSURE THAT WALGREENS IS AN AUTHORIZED PROVIDER FOR IMMUNIZATIONS FOR YOUR INSURANCE PLAN.

If you are interested in having your student receive the meningitis vaccine at the MCHS vaccine clinic, please print out the attached consent form (as a double-sided page, if possible), and complete the following:

  • all of Section A;
  • questions 1-6 in Section B, and;
  • sign and date the form in Section C. 

You will also need to make a copy of your (the parent of the student) ID and MEDICAL insurance card (both sides).  Have your student bring the completed, signed consent form along with a copy of your ID and MEDICAL insurance card to the nurse at Central Campus by February 21, 2017.  Walk-ins will not be accepted on vaccine clinic day.

Thank you,

Peggy Babic, RN
Minooka Community High School