Art Club Members Create Mural at Walnut Trails School

Published: Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Posted on April 18, 2017 - Last month over spring break, members of the Minooka Community High School Art Club completed their seventh mural at Walnut Trails Elementary School.   At the start of each school year, Walnut Trails Principal Kathleen Cheshareck provides the MCHS Art Club with a theme for a mural to be painted somewhere within the school.  The MCHS Art Club members then get to work creating designs based on that theme.  The designs are sent to Walnut Trails, where the elementary students cast their ballots for a favorite.  The mural is then painted over winter break or spring break so that when the elementary students return to school, they have a surprise - a colorful, wall-sized mural - welcoming them back.

This year's mural, which was to be designed around the various genres of literature, was painted in the hallway outside the school’s library.  MCHS freshman Bianca Persicketti was the artist who created the winning design.  She and a team of Art Club painters - junior Caitlin Simons, sophomore Nick Schaack, sophomore Bola Akpan and freshman Camila Gonzalez- volunteered their time to create the mural.

“Because the theme for the mural was to be based on literary genres, I decided to create my idea based on a student thinking about choosing a book to read,” said Persicketti. “My brother, who is a student at Walnut Trails, enjoys history and historical fiction, so I incorporated these ideas into the design.”

“This is the seventh mural that MCHS Art Club students have done at Walnut Trails,” MCHS art teacher Christine Listello said. “The partnership provides a community service aspect to Art Club for students who choose to participate - a chance to make their art ‘work.’  Our students volunteer their time and skills to create an artwork that brightens the learning space for the elementary students.”

“Art Club members who paint the mural work as a cooperative group,” she added. “Ownership is shared because every artist contributes to the finished product.  At the end of each day, the painters see their work getting closer to a finished product.  When the elementary students come back from break, they are greeted by a bold, beautiful piece of artwork in a space where there was previously just a blank wall.”

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