Grant Applications

District #111 Foundation for Educational Excellence is now accepting applications for grant awards!

The Foundation is providing an opportunity to award grants for the Minooka Community High School (MCHS) faculty to enhance the students’ learning experiences by funding various projects to continue the innovation already present in the classrooms of MCHS.

The Foundation has created a monetary base in order to provide further access to original educational opportunities for students. Such opportunities could come in the form of increased access to cutting edge technology, funding real-world exposure for students through field trips, providing mini-grants to teachers, or partnering with stakeholders to provide capital improvements.

When thinking about projects you would like the Foundation to fund, please keep in mind the goals associated with the Foundation:

  • Monetary support for the MCHS community through innovative initiatives, technology upgrades and capital improvement opportunities
  • Conduit for community members and alumni who wish to leave a legacy to MCHS
  • Honor tradition by recognizing our rich history
  • Strengthen community engagement through outreach and events

Each school year the Foundation will provide:
Innovative Mini-Grants in amounts up to $500
Foundation Grants available in amounts of $500 - $1500

Please find the applications, and application process, for each specific grant below:

Innovative Mini-Grant (up to $500)
Innovative Mini-Grant Application
Innovative Mini-Grant Application Process

Foundation Grant ($500 - $1500) -  Grant requests over $1500 will be considered
Application For Funds
Application For Funds Process

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